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Artist Londa R. Marks
Along with designing and developing Rock Legend News website Londa Marks designs all of Rock Legend News zine covers and inside pages. Londa is also founder and administrator of Pete Way Facebook Group.
Londa also designed the image for Hollywood 80s glam rock band HAWK, all of the original Metal Method Production guitar lesson ads, booklets and wrote and illustrated Metal Method's twice yearly publication, Metal Message: Visions and designed the Hawk album cover. Additionally, she has created a line of fashion and a line of self designed new age products. 
Londa's gallery includes re-imagined photos, creates unique graphics using stock photos, digital design, custom typography, image editing, retouching, alterations, color techniques, screen captures, montages, scene surrealism.  


Londa R. Marks is unavailable for any projects unrelated to Rock Legend News & Pete Way Facebook Group. Artwork is for display purposes only. 

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