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Ways To Pay

Cash App

What is Cash App?
Cash App provides a way to send money digitally like PayPal. Use Cash App to send Cash in USD or Bitcoin payments. It's easy and free to use.

Don't Have Cash App?
Signup at this link:$PayLever then click "Get The App" or download it on the app store or Google Play and look for this symbol:

For faster checkout scan our QR Code or click to pay:


How To Send Your Cash or Bitcoin Payment

Select the Cash App payment option at checkout and submit your order.

Open your Cash App and enter the total amount as shown from your order receipt.

Enter the payment amount, then press “Pay”.

Next: Enter our pay to address ( $PayLever ) in the area labeled: "To".
See example below.
Enter only your USPsychic order number in the area labeled: "For"
See example below.
Press "Pay". You're done!

Cancellation Notice
If your payment has not been received within 24 hours from date of placing your order, your order will be cancelled automatically.
If you have sent less than the total amount shown on your order, your order will be placed on hold until the remaining balance is paid or canceled after 24 hours if balance due has not been received.

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