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Craig Goldy (born November 6, 1961) is an American guitarist, most notably of the band Dio. Goldy was born in San Diego, California. Before Dio, he played in the bands Vengeance, Rough Cutt, and Giuffria. He replaced Jake E. Lee in Rough Cutt and was himself replaced by Amir Derakh. While with Rough Cutt, Goldy played on demos produced by Ronnie James Dio.

Craig Goldy performed on the Dio album Dream Evil, but this first stint with the band was short lived and he left due to unknown reasons. In 2000, Goldy returned to Dio and helped record Magica, but shortly thereafter left again due to family commitments. Doug Aldrich replaced him for the album, Killing the Dragon. However, Goldy was back in the Dio fold for what turned out to be the band's final studio album, Master of the Moon, in 2004. Goldy temporarily left the group for the third time in 2005, after suffering a hand injury on tour through Russia. He was again replaced by Doug Aldrich for the duration of the tour.

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Ronnie James Dio Hologram makes U.S. debut with official DIO band to open annual Pollstar Awards ahead of theater and festival tour in late 2017. 

(right: Craig Goldy) 

Intermission EP (1986) "Time To Burn" only

Dream Evil (1987)

Magica (2000)

Master of the Moon (2004)

At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 (2010)

Finding the Sacred Heart: Live in Philly 1986 (2013)

Albums With Dio
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