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Craig Goldy performed on the Dio album Dream Evil, but this first stint with the band was short lived and he left due to unknown reasons. In 2000, Goldy returned to Dio and helped record Magica, but shortly thereafter left again due to family commitments. Doug Aldrich replaced him for the album, Killing the Dragon. However, Goldy was back in the Dio fold for what turned out to be the band's final studio album, Master of the Moon, in 2004. Goldy temporarily left the group for the third time in 2005, after suffering a hand injury on tour through Russia. He was again replaced by Doug Aldrich for the duration of the tour.

Intermission EP (1986) "Time To Burn" only

Dream Evil (1987)

Magica (2000)

Master of the Moon (2004)

At Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 (2010)

Finding the Sacred Heart: Live in Philly 1986 (2013)

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Rock Legend News: You are still affiliated with Niji Entertainment Group; Ronnie Dio and his wife Wendy’s company. What are you doing with Niji now?

Craig Goldy: At this time, it is the “Dio Disciples” and my long standing friendship and working relationship with Wendy that keeps me close to Niji! The Dio Disciples is not a full-time band, a career, a gig or a money making enterprise… is a group of guys that were IN his band, close friends of his and Wendy’s and/or close friends with the Dio family circle that get together as often as possible…..going only where we are invited ……and perform the music that this unequaled man created as well as some of the songs we wrote and recorded with him. We do this in order to keep his memory alive….in the form of a “memorial service” cloaked as a rock concert. The world was his family….and it is the world that still loves him and misses him as much as we do……so we try to do this as often as we can. There is something special that happens when a group of people all gather together in the same place, with the same hearts and minds as one another….and that is what these concerts are… there’s always a time when the “band” and the audience connect as one….and Wow!! That is just something that every true Dio fan should experience at least for once in their lifetime and NOT rely on the crappy recordings on YouTube…they may watch them with a few of their friends….but it’s not the same as the big ass speakers pumping out Ronnie’s music played the way it was meant to be played… and loud…in a room full of like-minded people!!


Rock Legend News: Prior to joining Dio, you were part of Ronnie's Hear 'N Aid project when you were in Giuffria. Was that a project dear to your heart? If so why?

Craig Goldy: Yes that was a project dear to my heart! Since I came from living on the streets to Headlining with my favorite singer……I promised myself that I would try to help others as much as possible!! There is a quote from a famous educator…..Mr. Horace Mann….. that I think this project did in fact touch upon, and everyone on the planet should try to live by….” Be ashamed to die….until you’ve won some victory for mankind”…..I tell myself…..that I want to try to make at least one thing that was once “wrong” before I was born….”right” before I die…….just to keep it simpler!


Rock Legend News: Will you tell us about the project, Dio Disciples, with Simon Wright and Rudy Sarzo?

Craig Goldy: This could be combined with the Niji question above……but Rudy and Simon were both in the band when Ronnie passed….and Rudy stayed with the Dio Disciples as often as he could…..but life has a way of getting in the way at times….and since the Dio Disciples is not a full-time band, career and/or money making enterprise….we all are forced to do many things now-a-days  in order to make ends meet…..some of us have our own projects……and some of us took longer than others to get there…..moving forward into the pages of life that we all must now face without Ronnie….is and was harder on some of us more than others!!


Rock Legend News: Why were you chosen, or how was it decided that you would co-write the song called "Lady Luck"  with David Lee Roth?


Craig Goldy: Actually….this is an interesting story….when I wrote with Ronnie for the Dream Evil album….Warner Bros. was impressed with me being the first Dio guitarist to write so much with Ronnie, that they signed me up as a songwriter for them….at the same time John Kalodner an A&R rep that was single handedly responsible for Aerosmith’s big come back….asked me to join Whitesnake….and David Glenn Eisley (lead singer for Giuffria)  to be the lead singer for Blue Murder….when neither of those two scenarios came to pass….Kalodner put  Eisley and myself into the studio to record some songs…..of which he turned down…..those songs later became the property of Warner Bros……David Lee Roth was looking for guys to write with….Warner Bros. sent him those songs….he heard them and some others that I had written….and he (David Lee Roth) called me personally at home saying…”Hey man…Dave Roth here…..I really love your s**t man…let’s get together and write some s**t….do you have any other ideas you could play me?” I said yes…..even though I had nothing at that time…during this period….Mr. Roth was working with Bob Ezrin as his producer (Pink Floyd among many others)…and they wanted to change his image from “Diamond Dave” to “Dangerous Dave”….they both wanted me to come over to Bob’s house and meet…..this was on a Monday….and they wanted to meet on Wednesday…..I had 2 days……needless to say…I put my “nose to the grind stone” and one of the riffs and song ideas I came up with….ended up as “Lady Luck”!!


Rock Legend News: The Welsh hard rock band, Budgie, who influenced The New Wave of British Heavy Metal, (NWOBHM) and bands like Metallica, considered among the “heaviest of metal bands” in the 70’s is your next project as I understand. Is this so? And if so, who is in this band lineup aside from yourself? What are the plans?

Craig Goldy: Right around 2009…I was asked to be a guest guitarist for Budgie at one point to fill in until they got a full-time guitarist….they had some concerts coming up in Australia at that time….and asked me if I would do it….so I did. They were so happy with what I brought to the table…..that they stopped looking for guitarists. Then they wanted to record a full length album with me…..thinking of calling it “Hybrid”…and just before we started a tour in Poland to try out some new material…..Burke went into emergency surgery and the doctor said that he may not be able to sing like he used to anymore… far…he’s made a full recovery….and they plan on doing another full length album, and have asked me to do it with them…..but there are now some issues with the lineup that I am not at liberty to discuss…and things are on hold. I am not a full-time Budgie guitarist, nor was I supposed to be… just kinda ended up looking like that because they were so pleased with me at the time!


Rock Legend News: I want to ask you the same thing I am asking others because it is a profound occurrence now. Why do you think the 80's are re-igniting? I mean, it is like it's 1985 in Colombia, South America; it is happening here in Italy and it is apparent all over the world that the 80’s and even the 70’s rock styles are becoming enlivened again.

Craig Goldy: This is a good question….and I think your readers would also want to know how and why this is happening!!….

Well, for one thing…..there are “seasons” to everything that lives…..those seasons do come and go, and you  cannot set your watch or your calendar by them when those seasons are directly connected with the entertainment industry in any shape and/or form!.....however…..good is good….and great is great…When “Desert Storm” hit…..that war created a recession within the economy….then Michael Jackson demanded a billion dollar advance from the record company…which he got….and did not recoup….once Madonna caught wind of this…..she did the very same thing…..and also…did not recoup!

This caused a recession within a recession……at the same time, there were record company guys who had job security and did not need the approval of anyone to sign new bands to that record label…..there was deviant behavior going on in Seattle…..this behavior was being offered to these record company guys to have performed in their hotel rooms privately…….they went….meanwhile the local bands there thought they would never get noticed….so they weren’t writing songs according to the 80’s formula that had oversaturated the market at that same time…..causing listeners to be in “search” mode for something new. Before the deviant behavior was to be performed in the hotel room…..the girls asked the record company guys to come see their friend’s band play that night……so….they did….cause…..more girls that would “behave” in their room later that night would also be there……if there was anything going on in the 80’s….it was “The more the Merrier”!!

The bands that played that night weren’t wearing flannel shirts for a fashion statement….they were cold and freezing their butts off! The music they played that night was everything opposite of the 80’s band formula…..with job security full in hand….one of the record company guys signed them because he loved the fact that they were breaking all the existing rules….now….at the same time….record companies were tightening their budget belts in order to recoup from the aforementioned loss….so all the 80’s guys that were used to having a $500,000 album budget….could no longer sip their $900 glasses of wine while patting themselves on the back and writing more of the same……they became resentful…..and started working less and less….putting out worse material…..meanwhile these Seattle bands were “lucky” to be doing an album for $30,000!.....and ending up selling millions upon millions of product!

Now…..this is where “seasons” come into play even greater…..During the recession from “Desert Storm”……business’ were laying off and firing people left and right to save money…some of those people had families…..some of those Fathers that got laid off…..were the ones previously yelling at their kids to go to college, get a good job and to have something to fall back on if their dream of becoming a “rock star” didn’t pan out……now these Fathers are getting drunk every night cause they lost their jobs…..can’t find new ones and lost their pension….now….they start hitting the Mom’s and slapping around the kids during their drunken binges……..when a band comes out with a “Screw the establishment” sort of song…..with a total disregard for  the current “norm” in both their look AND their music….what do you think is going to happen???  At that time, you didn’t have to be a virtuoso and look like a Greek god to become a “rock star”……the tables have turned drastically in the favor of the average joe……so….average music was being put out…..there are some great new bands…..but nothing like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin!!

Now that the average joe has had HIS run and THAT kind of music has oversaturated the market…..forcing the listeners back into “search” mode again……meanwhile missing the music they grew up on……what do you think will happen!!!! ….Meanwhile….thank God for the video game…”Guitar Hero” and all if it’s 80’s based music that was introduced to a whole new and younger generation…..that is why we have the young AND the old, along with the market place smiling upon the 80’s based music again!!....Hopefully we don’t screw it up this time!


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Ronnie James Dio Hologram makes U.S. debut with official DIO band to open annual Pollstar Awards ahead of theater and festival tour in late 2017. 

(right: Craig Goldy) 

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