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SUNDAY, JULY 21, 2019


Updated July 21, 2019
Rock Legend News goal has been to document art, music and technology for creative and historic purposes while adding value to viewers and those documented artists, including Rock Legend News developer.

Rock Legend News magazines have always been free and has never been intended to be a financial source for its creator. It was actually created to help a musician sell his own music since he was constantly being ripped off from record companies and others associated with the music business. (See first issue: “How To Sell Your Own Music”).

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  • Investment: Self financed. Passion, extensive time, design, creativity, knowledge/skills application, research & development, studio, technology, patience, design programs, stock photos, websites & hosting, domains, storage devices, content, legal, publishing partners: ISSUU & ISBN agent.

  • Gains: Historic documentation, creative/artistic insights and creative and educational value to artists, readers and all those published.




Chief Editor & CEO: Londa R. Marks

Concept, Graphics & Design: Londa R. Marks

Content & Contributors: Some entries are from Wikipedia, the user-contributed encyclopedia which may not have been reviewed by professional editors and is licensed under an Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License. If content is factually incorrect or highly offensive you can edit articles at Wikipedia use of data and may include other wiki’s,  stock photos, private archived photos, stock illustrations, social news aggregators, contributor photos, RSS news feeds, print syndications, submitted news tips & information and similar sources.


Magazine, graphics, installments, editing & Website 

designed, developed, coded at Londa R. Marks Studio in 

Firenze, Italy, founder of Rock Legend News in 2016.


World Wide Readership/Viewers from
July 28, 2016 - July 18, 2019: 386,252

Londa R. Marks Founder/Administrator of
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Rock Legend News

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November 2014 - July 21, 2019   |   Publishing & Collaborations

Rock Legend News is an independent studio not affiliated with any company, person, agency or entity other than listed here or or, Collaborations to date include Alchemist Publishing LLC, Metal To Infinity, Rock Zone Productions, Reality Check TV;  Photographers/artists: Mike Patton,  Jim Crowley, Carl Månsson; Metal Melisha Maraj a regular contributor to 


All Rock Legend News magazines are published and distributed by Alchemist Publishing LLC, USA & Italy, through ISSUU, the world’s largest electronic publishing and discovery platform for magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and other publications and registered with R.R. Bowker LLC., based in New Providence, New Jersey, and incorporated in Delaware, an exclusive agent for issuing International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) for works to the book trade, including publishers, booksellers, libraries, and individuals; its roots in the industry trace back to 1868. 


Rock Legend News includes Entertainment, Arts & Technology. Full issues from 2016-2019 are FREE to download, read or save for later. These issues are not sold anywhere in the world but available to anyone in the world thanks to advanced  technology options. While many publishers are ending traditional & limiting print publishing, publishers like Rock Legend News claim online presence with advanced technology options including world-wide distribution channels once unavailable through traditional publishing. Printed versions of Rock Legend News are being considered for collectors of paper versions. Currently, Rock Legend News magazines PDF format is free; download, print, share, distribute freely.


Rock Legend News can be found on ISSUU alongside magazines such as: Classic Rock, Fender, Circus, Guitar World, Music Connection, Drum Media, Rolling Stone, The History of Rock, Heavy, In Rock, Metal Hammer, Billboard, MRF (Frontiers Records, Italy).



Rock Legend News gives you the opportunity to contribute your work and have it published in a high end, well-respected independent publication. Being published exposes your work around the world. We look forward to publishing your work. Deadline is 15th of any month. Upon reviewing submissions, Rock Legend News Magazine reserves the rights to Accept or Deny any submission we receive. Submissions are reviewed based on its content, quality, relevance and the availability of space in the issue to be published. If you are submitting photos note that Rock Legend News is located in Italy and abides by Italian law: Simple photographs grant a number of “minor” rights. The author, in fact, has the exclusive right of reproduction and distribution/sale besides the right of an appropriate payment for the use of the photographs, providing they display the following details: the photographer’s name; the date when the photograph was taken; the author’s name of the photographic work of art. Failing this, the reproduction is not illicit and payment nor image removal is not due. Currently, Rock Legend News offers only advert credit. To submit music, photos, info our preferred format is Links and URLs. More info can be found at:






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Rock Legend News also collaborated with Metal to Infinity and Rock Zone Productions on 3 issues entitled Rock Philosophy Sessions. See magazines above. 


Bass Legends Issue Featuring Pete Way bassist for UFO, Ozzy Osbourne, Waysted.

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Pete Way Facebook Group Legacy Edition Featuring Pete Way bassist for UFO, Ozzy Osbourne, Waysted.

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Music Mythology, Featuring Rock God Bass Legend Pete Way.

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