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Founder/Owner Londa Marks


Londa R. Marks is founder/owner of Rock Legend News (2014); co-founder Metal Method Productions; co-founder Los Angeles rock band HAWK; founder/administrator of Pete Way Facebook Group; Alchemist Publishing, and Londa Marks Studio Florence, Italy & USA

About Rock Legend News

Londa R. Marks founder/owner of Rock Legend News in Firenze, Italy 2016, co-founder/sponsor/graphic artist & image designer of HAWK Rock Band Los Angeles, CA, co-founder/sponsor of Metal Los Angeles, CA, founder of Pete Way Facebook Group goal for Rock Legend News magazine has been to document art, music and technology for creative and historic purposes while adding value to those documented artists and readers - including to the founder. Only advertisement for the Online magazine has been through distribution on Facebook, Issuu and Twitter.  


All Rock Legend News magazines are published and distributed by Alchemist Publishing LLC, USA & Italy, through ISSUU, the world’s largest electronic publishing and discovery platform for magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and other publications.  Rock Legend News includes Entertainment, Arts & Technology. Full issues from 2016-2023 were free to download. In January 2024 a nominal fee of $7.50USD is being requested to view issues online to cover some of the publishers costs. These issues are available to anyone in the world thanks to advanced technology options. Rock Legend News can be found on our publishing partner ISSUU alongside magazines such as: Classic Rock, Fender, Circus, Guitar World, Music Connection, Drum Media, Rolling Stone, The History of Rock, Heavy, In Rock, Metal Hammer, Billboard, MRF (Frontiers Records, Italy).

Testimonials Regarding Rock Legend News Founder


Regarding an Interview Londa Marks worked on With Pete Way for Tempi-Dispari Magazine, Rome, Italy and Rock Legend News Firenze, Italy. 

Pete Way posted:


"Thanks Londa, it's a great interview, Love, Pete xx"


"Londa knew I was the right vocalist for the HAWK project! She believed in me from the start. She totally designed the HAWK image. Londa was and still is a driving force in this world. She is a brilliant artist and visionary. I love her; she is the reason and was the doorway for all that has happened good in my life." 



"I've always felt a special connection with you, Londa, because you always seemed to tune in to a deeper dimension of art and music and I could feel you were understanding even the smallest details of sound, the architecture of a piece of music. Sharing artistic experiences with you has always been a high that's impossible to duplicate."



Craig Goldy from his Destiny Bridge posted: December 29, 2014


“Check out this extremely talented artist Londa R. Marks!!!! Go to her page and see if she has more there.....but these are fantastic! And she too....should be a world renown artist!!”


Regarding Londa R. Marks' Nikki Sixx drawings:


"Londa, if only half of the musicians on this planet had your talent it would be such an awesome music industry. You are amazing!" —Love always,




"Dzienkuje Bardzo, Bravo, God Bless, and a Hearty Hi Yo Silver! To the wonderful and lovely Londa R. Marks once again, who is SO responsible due to her bestowing upon me the latest cover story in Rock Legend News, for the sudden upswing in all the positive comments and kind support on my timeline from all my readers and friends and fans...Take a well-deserved bow

Ms. Marks!"



Fondatore (Founder) &

co-amministratore at

John Corabi Italia

“Who’s Londa? Londa? First, the best woman in the universe. My best friend and best manager.”

(not manager since 2015)



Metal Method Production Producer Regarding Rock Legend News Issue


March/April 2017, “Enjoyed this very much, especially the section on Hawk and early Metal Method! Londa, your artwork was a huge part of the success of Metal Method. In a time before the Internet, you created the visual impact and excitement that drew people to MM and made it look totally professional, even as a small “start-up"!"


Pete Way Official: Regarding images I created for his FB page:


"That's fabulous Londa. I'm trying to see if we can get your shots (the black and white and the purple hue one of me walking off stage) for the artwork on the new album if you would allow it. I'm also wanting to use one of them as a poster. You are so very talented xxx" (Pete Way, bassist UFO).



Regarding a post of my artwork Craig Goldy (Ronnie James Dio Guitarist) said,


"Very Cool Londa R. Marks!! I just put them up on my Craig Goldy's Destiny Bridge page meant to spotlight the talents and gifts of those here on FB!! Nice one Londa!!”



”Awesome work…didn't realize you are a talented artist. Love this era of Motley Crue...and love your art.... talented lady."



"Londa, as you'll find out, is a very special person, an incredibly gifted artist. She's also punctual, reliable, has the ability to meet deadlines "at all costs" and is a very hard worker. I have never met an artist with more natural ability and creativity."


Lonnie Vencent (bassist HAWK & BULLETBOYS) said in an interview, “First, Londa was the fifth member of HAWK. She was a huge part of that. Second, I love working with her. She is the consummate professional.”


Regarding Artwork: "Brilliant work Londa.” Love, Pete xx (Pete Way, bassist UFO) Regarding an image I posted onto Pete Way Official: “Good Morning. Londa R. Marks was kind enough to send me this photo, thanks Londa.” love, Pete xx



Alan Spencer Productions, Inc. (Sledge Hammer TV Series, Movies),

Burbank, CA


"Londa Marks hallmarks are professionalism, as well as great inspiration. There is no one more creative. The work she has done for me is beyond my highest expectations."



CEO USGames, The world's largest publisher of tarot books and cards. Note: They own 80 original paintings by Londa R. Marks and have housed them in a private art museum with Salvador Dali and various other artists work including from the 15th century Italy.


”Londa, you are one of the most talented artist's I've had the honor of working with.”

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