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Londa R. Marks, founder/owner of Rock Legend News; co-founder Metal Method Productions; co-founder Los Angeles rock band HAWK; founder/administrator of Pete Way Facebook Group; Alchemist Publishing; Londa Marks Studio Florence; Italy is offering Rock Legend News for sale.


Accepting Offers

Editor: Londa R. Marks

Editorial Assistant: Charles Edward

Owner: Londa R. Marks

Designer: Londa R. Marks

Publisher: Alchemist Publishing 


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Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Prepaid & Gift Cards, Paypal, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Only Western Union or MoneyGram brand money orders.

Escrow service used for Rock Legend News sales transaction.

NEWS | November 15, 2022

Already a Magazine? Advantages To Acquiring Rock Legend News 

Rock Legend News magazine online presence has just begun after seven years of building the entity and with only advertising through SEO, Facebook, Twitter and Issuu it has evolved into the beginnings of what can be an dynamic product for the music industry. The name alone has impact and appeal. 

  • The name Rock Legend News has been branded since 2016. 

  • 1,129,913+ Readers/Viewers Since 2016, zero invested in advertising.

  • Free Online Issues = instant audience.

  • Advertise your existing magazine in Rock Legend News.