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Before You Submit Your News

Keep in mind, music blogs, radio and magazines go through many emails a day with submissions. The one’s that stand out are the ones that are considered.

  • Submit your proudest masterpiece. Send something that shows you in the best possible light.

  • Is your website up to date?

  • Do you have your social media accounts looking good with links that work?

  • In less than three lines, can you explain who you are, or have your latest most relevant music linked to all your socials? 

  • Do you have photos and artist info on social media that magazines can use without emailing you? If so, what are those links?

  • Whatever you do, when you are asked for links to your channels from blogs and music magazines, please make sure there is something to hear and available to see.

  • Use form below for links. To send photos, bio, press releases. Word documents are preferable to PDF, but PDFs are accepted. Email: 

Submissions do not guarantee insertion in any issue. Consider our affordable Classifieds. To know if you are selected for an upcoming issue Follow or Like: and you will know the minute each issue is published.

Submit News

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