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Bass Legend Pete Way founder of UFO, WAYSTED & FASTWAY has also performed with Ozzy Osbourne, Michael Schenker, Jerry Shirley, Slash, Jason Bonham, Uli Jon Roth, Aynsley Dunbar, Spike, Nikki Sixx, Wraith, Johnny Dee, Clive Edwards and other top names in rock. 

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Interview With Pete Way 

October 4, 2014 

By Londa R. Marks | Rock Legend News Interviews Published By Tempi-Dispari, Rome, Italy and Rock Legend News Firenze, Italy


"Good Morning. I did an interview last month with a great Italian online magazine, and thought you might enjoy it. Love, Pete Way xx"


Originally received & published October 4, 2014 by, Rome, Italy and Rock Legend News Florence, Italy, is an interview with Pete Way, bassist and a founder of English rock band UFO in 1969 then called Hocus Pocus. In 2017 Pete Way's book, "A Fast Ride Out of Here: Confessions of Rock's Most Dangerous Man" is a #1 New Release in Heavy Metal Music on and in 2017 performed on Wraith's new album Revelation.


UFO became a transitional group between early hard rock, heavy metal and the N.W.O.B.H.M. (New Wave of British Heavy Metal). Formed in 1969, UFO members have included guitarist Michael Schenker from the Scorpions and vocalist Phil Mogg. 


During the early eighties Pete Way also formed Waysted with the debut album VICES, released in 1982 reaching #78 in the UK charts. The band’s third album, “Save your Prayers,” featuring Danny Vaughn in place of the departed Fin and former UFO guitarist Paul Chapman, was their most successful in America reaching #185. Pete has also played with former Motörhead guitarist, “Fast” Eddie Clarke and with Ozzy Osbourne. In 1992 Pete Way reunited with Phil Mogg in the reformed UFO and released the High Stakes & Dangerous Men album.  


Rock Legend News: You’ve been given a clean bill of health recently. Congratulations! That is the best news. Your fans anxiously await more of Pete Way’s magic. What is in store for us?


Pete Way: I am just putting the finishing touches to my new album “Walking On The Edge” with Guns n Roses producer Mike Clink. We’ve been in a fabulous studio owned by John Parr in Yorkshire and Mike flew over from LA to the supervise the recording. The album is a blend of hard rock but intense songs from the heart. It’s based on my life story actually which has been pretty colourful as I’m sure you are aware. I am hoping to be able to release this early in 2015.


Rock Legend News: You started playing at a very young age. Aside from aligning yourself with exceptionally talented musicians, what has been your approach to music and who has been most influential to you or originally caused you to say, “That’s what I want to do.”


Pete Way: Good songwriters and usually a loud amplifier. I like a lot of feeling in songs such as Lou Reed, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.


Rock Legend News: With Phil Mogg, Andy Parker and Mick Bolton, you formed UFO. What are some of your favorite memories of those days?


Pete Way: Enjoying the moment. Waiting for it to stop and having to go and get a stop but it didn’t.


Rock Legend News: Gibson & Epiphone Thunderbird basses have been your signature guitar and sound. They seem to almost be a part of you. It’s a significant rock instrument in appearance while offering a peerless hard rock tone. Are you still using Thunderbirds? And, I would love to know what you like or liked most about Thunderbird.


Pete Way: Yes I’m still using Thunderbirds. I particularly like the tone which always sounds like a Thunderbird whether you use an Marshall, or Ampeg SVT amp or even if I’m playing it without an amp. I find them so comfortable in my hands. There’s nothing like a Thunderbird for stage. For recording it depends on the type of song - I’ve tried too many to pick out one.


Rock Legend News: UFO were ranked No. 84 on VH1’s, “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.” Would you say that was a point of arrival or departure for a new rockers generation?


Pete Way: We’ve been in so many charts throughout the years I’m not sure what is good anymore. It’s always best to be No. 1, but it’s nice to know you have influenced people even at no 84!


Rock Legend News: What appealed to you about playing bass for Ozzy Osbourne during the Diary of a Madman tour?


Pete Way: I used to go out drinking with Ozzie so that’s an easy question to answer. We were very good friends. I was also paid very well - the ideal combination.


Rock Legend News: Even though there may be differences, there is always something to be gained by collaborating with like-minds and you have collaborated with such including: Motorhead’s guitarist, “Fast” Eddie Clarke, Spike from The Quierboys, Chris Slade from AC/DC and others. What do you feel has been the gift you’ve received from playing with various musicians?


Pete Way: It’s interesting to know what they think of my ideas and bounce off each other. The end result is often the pleasure that you’ve achieved a worthwhile song. Someone hears something that I don’t. That’s why I like to write songs with people.


Rock Legend News: Assuredly, you love all UFO songs however, what would be your top 3 favorites?


Pete Way: Haven’t really got any - they change month by month. I don’t really listen to UFO songs but probably “Love To Love,” “Cherry” and “Too Hot To Handle.”


Rock Legend News: There is a certain type of chemistry with you and Phil Mogg that is rare. What are your plans with Phil?


Pete Way: At the moment I am concentrating on my solo album and have no plans to work with Phil in the near future.


Rock Legend News: I want to ask you the same thing I am asking others because it is a profound occurrence now. Why do you think the 80’s are re-igniting? I mean, it is like it’s 1985 in Colombia, South America; it is happening here in Italy and it is apparent all over the world that the 80’s and even the 70’s rock styles are becoming enlivened again.


Pete Way: Because we all tried to be better than each other so the music had a particular spark to it. The music back then was quality. Great songs and great sound. Anything that wouldn’t make it on X Factor! Would Led Zeppelin have made it on XFactor - I don’t think so.


Rock Legend News: Thank you Pete Way for your unequaled contribution to music. We are all wishing you continued good health.


Pete Way:  Thank you very much for asking me to do this. I enjoyed your questions. Keep in good health yourself.

Released 2017.
Wraith's new album 'Revelation' features guest: Bass Legend 

Pete Way


British hard rock band Wraith released their new album, Revelation, on August 4th via Ice Rain Records/Cargo Records. Revelation is produced and mixed by legend Neil Kernon (Dokken, Queensrÿche, Shy) and mastered by Andy Sneap (Accept, Kreator, Machine Head, Megadeth). Bass legend Peter Way (UFO) is co-writer on “Under The Hammer” and this song was mixed by Mike Fraser (Whitesnake, David Coverdale, Blue Murder).

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A Fast Ride Out of Here: Confessions of Rock's Most Dangerous Man 

by Pete Way  (Author) &
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Pete Way Book

UFO - Pete Way with Phil Mogg & Andy Parker. Photo by legendary rock photographer Ross Halfin  

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