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Rock Legend News Double Page Spread

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Rock Legend News Classifieds - Full Page Ad

First time advertiser get one extra issue free!

Full Page Ads

Ad size: 17" x 11”

  • Can contain video, text & graphics.
  • Provide URL to videos, images or text.
  • Submit your advertising information, png, jpg, gif at checkout.
  • Best image resolution should be 300dpi but not mandatory.


$439 per 1-issue

$429.00 per issue / $858 for 2-issues

$372.33 per issue / $1,116.99 for 3-issues

$313.75 per issue / $1,255 for 4-issues

Issues run consecutively; every other month.

Magazine is free world wide and available at 24/7/365,, Facebook, Twitter.

There is no end date on ads per magazine. Ads run as long as the magazine runs.

All Rock Legend News magazines are published every 3 months and distributed by Alchemist Publishing LLC, USA & Italy, through ISSUU, the world’s largest electronic publishing and discovery platform for magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and other publications. Rock Legend News includes Entertainment, Arts & Technology. Full issues from 2016-2022 are FREE to download, read or save for later. These issues are not sold anywhere in the world but available to anyone in the world thanks to advanced technology options. Currently, Rock Legend News magazines PDF format is free; download, print, share, distribute freely. Rock Legend News can be found on ISSUU alongside magazines such as: Classic Rock, Fender, Circus, Guitar World, Music Connection, Drum Media, Rolling Stone, The History of Rock, Heavy, In Rock, Metal Hammer, Billboard, MRF (Frontiers Records, Italy).

Distribution:, Facebook, Twitter, Issuu

Readers: Over a Million World Wide Readership/Viewers Since 2016

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