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Issue 39 - Interview With Hal Patino - Digital Download Magazine

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Rock Legend News Interview With Hal Patino

Legendary King Diamond Bassist, Hal Patino, now with Danish/American shock rock band, Maryann Cotton, always associated with something so unique, so original, that when the Maryann Cotton song, ‘Halo Of Dust’ reached 400,000 YouTube views a religious group felt so threatened they had it banned.

Pretty Wicked.

Hal Patino (born Hasso Patino in Las Vegas, Nevada) is an American bass guitar player, who has been a member of the King Diamond and Force of Evil metal bands. He also played in Blakk Totem, Maltese Falcon, Palladion and Doctor Butcher.

This Full Color Digital Interview Magazine is a must have. Includes:

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