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Issue 45 - Interview With Lonnie Vencent - Digital Download Magazine

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Rock Legend News Interview With Lonnie Vencent

Lonnie Vencent of Los Angeles, CA., is known for playing bass with Hollywood glam band HAWK during the 80’s and went on to play with former members of King Kobra to form BulletBoys who eventually signed with Warner Bros.

Lonnie is now with Lies, Deceit and Treachery which is the fusion of three former original members of BulletBoys. Mick Sweda, Jimmy D’Anda and Lonnie Vencent were the driving force that gave BulletBoys their powerful trademark sound. They are back, and bringing the sexy and punchy BulletBoys sound that fans remember and still clamor for.

This Full Color Digital Interview Magazine is a must have. Includes:
Pages: 6
Images: 4
Magazine Cover: Yes
Printable Pages: Yes
Mobile or Desktop: Yes

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