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Issue 49 Interview With Seth T. Riddlebarger - Digital Download Magazine

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Rock Legend News Interview With Seth T. Riddlebarger

Seth is a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist rarely doing cover songs, though his rendition of Bob Dylan’s Lovesick is, well, better than Bob Dylan does it, in my opinion. And, I don’t want to compare Seth to anyone because he really is his own entity, a one of a kind like Steve Marriott was but there is certainly well crafted 60s and 70s influence in his music. Hex Net even considers themselves to be in a 70s category of psychedelic rock ’n roll. The band does not rely on props or effects. They don’t need it. Their songs are strong and vocalized with pure, raw heart and soul. Sethis mesmerizing. Hex Net music is addictive.

This Full Color Digital Interview Magazine is a must have. Includes:
Pages: 8
Images: 3
Magazine Cover: Yes
Printable Pages: Yes
Mobile or Desktop: Yes

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