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“After Charles sat in with Phil Keaggy, Phil said, “Now, that guy is a guitar player! He has the ‘it’ factor.” —Natalie Holcroft Morrill 


Introduction & Interview With Charlie Wayne Morrill

August 2017  

By Londa R. Marks | Metal Music Interviews Published By Rock Legend News, Firenze, Italy  


Londa R. Marks, is founder of Rock Legend News, founder and administrator of Pete Way Facebook Group, a founder of Metal Method Productions, a founder, sponsor and designer of HAWK, Hollywood, CA, 80’s glam rock band.



One of the most devoted friends and hardest workers I have known aside from myself is full blooded Cherokee, Charles Morrill, born February 24, 1964. Charles is the original vocalist for HAWK. And, for me, he is the only HAWK vocalist. Although Charles would casually say, “It’s not work, it’s just life to me.” And, it is. Any day, any time of the day, at any cost, Charles has always been ‘on’ and ready for a project or will happily play guitar and sing for anyone who is around. He is a true artist. The kind you find in history books.


Charles is family. He has always treated me with the highest regard, respect and as an equal artist and as a family member, as I do him. He has given me credit in his work even if I haven’t contributed anything to it and sends me copies of his new work. A couple of times he has told me that if I ever needed a place to live I could live at his house. 


Charles is a very sentimental and caring human being with a genuinely good heart. Like many Native Americans he is true to his spirit; understands it and honors it.


Many call him Charlie, but I have called him Charles since he sent a package to me with his return address as Charles Morrill. The package was audition material for the HAWK vocalist position in 1984. Out of thousands who sent in audition material Charles resonated with me artistically. He was exactly the vocalist I was hoping to find for HAWK. The vocalist ad was placed in Circus, Hit Parader, Bam magazines.

Doug Marks, my ex and partner in Metal Method Productions and HAWK, had been staying in Hollywood at the time I received Charles’ package. He was working on some guitar lessons but I felt that I desperately had to find him and tell him about Charles. Eventually, I ended up at the Troubadour and

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