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A driven force in the Swedish "rock" scene of the 2000s —Hailing from Sweden, a touch of glam/sleaze/rock metal of the 1980s, Amazing in sound and raunchier in style — and vowing to bring back the big shows and big songs of "unpredictable rock & roll".


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Interview With Diddi Kastenhold  

October 26, 2014

By Londa R. Marks | Metal Music Interviews

Published By Rock Legend News, Firenze, Italy and

Tempi, Rome, Italy

Bai Bang, a driven force in the Swedish "rock" scene of the 2000s hails from Sweden with a touch of glam/sleaze/rock metal of the 1980s but with a raunchier style. The band vows to bring back the big shows and big songs of "unpredictable rock & roll.” Bai Bang have been touring with bands like: Alice Cooper, LA Guns, Dio, Ratt, Pretty Maids and Union among others and have done many headline tours as well.

Rock Legend News: Diddi, what has been your approach to music?

Diddi Kastenholt: I have alway been into music.Since I was a little child.My father played great piano and introduced me to blues. I always wanted to have a band.To play live and do records.

Rock Legend News: You were the founder of Bai Bang band in 1988 and the band released the first album, "Enemy Lines. ”What are your memories of that point in time?


Diddi Kastenholt: Great memories.The first album, first video,tours.A great time but also very hard.A lot of "bad competitions, Backstubbers. But the most of the time was GREAT!!!

Rock Legend News: Sweden has always contributed to hard rock music such as bands like: Europe or talents like Yngwie Malmsteen. How do you think Bai Bang fits into this panorama?

Diddi KastenholtBai Bang fits in perfect! The band deliver! Not only in albums but on stage as well.

Rock Legend News: The band played several shows here in Europe and Open Air festivals such as Wacken and Rocklahoma in the US. Your fans love you, how do you keep them happy and motivated aside from good music; what is your relationship with your fans - do you communicate with them on social outlets like Facebook?

Diddi KastenholtWe love our fans!We do take care of them as much as we can.We always have meet and greet after our shows.We love to have a drink or 2 with the fans.Ofcourse we talk on internet also!


Rock Legend News: Your last album, "All Around the World,” was released last year. Is Bai Bang continuing to support the record with a tour; what are your upcoming projects?

Diddi Kastenholt: All around the World is a great album and we do support the album still with lots of gigs etc but we are also looking into 2015 and have started writing new material for anothe Bai Bang album!!!!!

Rock Legend News: I want to ask you the same thing I am asking others because it is a profound occurrence now. Why do you think the 80’s/70’s are re-igniting? I mean, it is like it's 1985 in Colombia, South America; it is happening here in Italy and it is apparent all over the world that the 80’s and even the 70’s rock styles are becoming enlivened again.

Diddi Kastenholt: I think the 80s melodic rock is so positive. Great melodies and riffs. Makes you feel good and positive! New younger fans discover it! Its great!!!

Note From Diddi Kastenholt: The Bai Bang line up is-Vocals Diddi Kastenholt, Guitar Jens Lundgren, Bass Christoffer Svensson, Drums Oscar Wennberg. This is a great line up! The best. Its a great energy in the band.Everybody loves what they are doing in Bai bang. Positive vibes all the time. Great guys to have fun with! We are a great unit!

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