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Legendary King Diamond Bassist, Hal Patino, now with Danish/American shock rock band, Maryann Cotton, always associated with something so unique, so original, that when the Maryann Cotton song, ‘Halo Of Dust’ reached 400,000 YouTube views a religious group felt so threatened they had it banned. 

Pretty Wicked. 

Hal Patino (born Hasso Patino in Las Vegas, Nevada) is an American bass guitar player, who has been a member of the King Diamond and Force of Evil metal bands. He also played in Blakk Totem, Maltese Falcon, Palladion and Doctor Butcher.

Interview With Hal Patino

September 16, 2016  

By Londa R. Marks | Metal Music Interviews

Published By Rock Legend News, Firenze, Italy  

Maryann Cotton Lineup is Maryann Cotton, Hal Patino, Sebastian Sly, Shawn Kernon.


One of the dominate bass players of rock 'n roll, Hal Patino, took time out of his extremely busy schedule and granted Rock Legend News of Florence, Italy, an interview. I’m sure you will agree that this trend setter in rock 'n roll is not only a masterful and talented artist but a humble man that truly cares about his fans. What a treasure. Thank You Hal Patino!  


Rock Legend News: Halo of Dust is a wicked video and song, really driving hard rock. Have you found out why it was banned by a religious group and removed from YouTube? 


Hal Patino: Hey LONDA, yes we have. MC (Maryann Cotton) was contacted by and they told us that there were some disturbing scenes in the video. I guess that's the scene with the half naked girl playing with the crucifix, (I don't know). They also told us that we could have the video up again if we just blurred MC or took him out of the video? hehehe :). So, we kept uploading the video as they removed it and I think it happened 6 times. But now it's there, so hopefully it will stay there this time :).

Rock Legend News: After almost 19 years as an integral player with King Diamond and close to 40 years in rock, you continue to become

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