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Stacey Blades (born Bryan Todd MaClachlan; November 4, 1968) is a guitarist originally from Toronto Canada, who has played with such bands as Fraidy Katt, Roxx Gang, Supercool, L.A. Guns, Let It Rawk, and Ratt. He has played on the L.A. Guns studio albums Rips the Covers Off, Tales from the Strip, Covered in Guns, and Hollywood Forever, and the L.A. Guns live album Loud and Dangerous: Live from Hollywood. He authored a book Confessions of a Replacement Rockstar in 2009.

L.A. Guns - You Better Not Love Me (Official Video)

Interview With Stacey Blades

September 21, 2014  

By Londa R. Marks | Metal Music Interviews

Published By Rock Legend News, Firenze, Italy and

Tempi, Rome, Italy

Rock Legend News: Stacey, you have a unique style and sound. What has been your approach to music; has there been someone or something in particular that has profoundly influenced you?

Stacey Blades: I was and still am way into Randy Rhoads. I also very much into Neal Schon. I get a lot of my melodic style from him. There is so many players that I grew up listening to. Hendrix, Page, Alex Lifeson... Just tried to borrow and get inspired by their playing.


Rock Legend News: You seemed to be a good match with Roxx Gang and were with them for about 8 years. What is the story with that band; why did you leave, or what did happen?

L.A. Guns - Hollywood Forever

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